Rabbi Nechemya Hamsani

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Rabbi Nechemya Hamsani was a third generation tana and a student of Rabbi Akiva. He used to expound on each time the word 'Et' (את) is mentioned in the Torah. When he reached the verse 'את ה' אלוקיך תירא' he stopped so as not to include anything else that is to be feared other then G-D. He students asked him; now that he could not expound on the word 'Et' consistently throughout the entire Torah, what would be with all the other exponsions he had made until that point? Rabbi Nechemya Hamsani responded that just as he received reward for all the work he had done until now so too he will receive reward for remaining silent in this case. Rabbi Akiva then came and explained how this 'Et' came to include Torah sages, that they should be feared just as one fears Hashem.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Nechemya Hamsani

Rabbi Nechemya Hamsani is buried in the village of Parod near Rabbi Yishmael.

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