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Rabbi David Ben Zimra also known as the Radbaz was a Spanish Kabbalist and Rabbi who headed the Jewish community first in Egypt and then in Tzfat. Born in Zimira, Spain in 1480, Rabbi David Ben Zimra left following the expulsion and settled in Eretz Yisroel in 1492. In 1512 he moved to Egypt where he remained and spread Torah for over 40 years. His students included Rabbi Bitzalel Ashkinazi and even the Arizal learnt under him at some point. In 1553 he moved back to Eretz Yisroel, first to Yerushalaim and then to Tzfat. He passed away in 1572 and was buried in the city's ancient cemetery.

[edit] Teachers

Rabbi David Ben Zimra was a student of Rabbi Yosi Saragosi

[edit] Kever Rabbi David Ben Zimra

The Radbaz is buried in the ancient Tzfat cemetery. Today the exact location is unknown but some claim he is buried in the section of the Arizal right next to the Mabit and under Rabbi Shlomo Alkabetz.

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