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Rabbi Ammi was a third generation Eret Yisroel Amora and a student of Rabbi Yochanan. After the passing of his teacher, he presided over the Talmudic academy in Tiberias along with his close friend Rabbi Assi. Rabbi Ammi was a kohen and along with Rabbi Assi was termed 'the important priests of the Eretz Yisroel'

[edit] No Fear

There was a restroom in Tiberias that was inhabited by onholy spirits who would harm anyone that entered, even if two entered together. Rabbi Ammi and Rabbi Assi would enter even alone and they would not be harmed. When the Sages asked why they were not afraid, they responded that they had a tradition that being modest and silent in the restroom prevents any harm.

[edit] Teachings

  • When suffering comes it is best to maintain silence and beseech Hashem for mercy.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Ammi

Rabbi Ammi is buried right next to Rabbi Assi in Tiberias. Traditionally their kivarim were marked as being right next to the kever of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai. However Oholei Tzadikim led by Israel Meir Gaby debate this and instead place the kivarim of Rabbi Ammi and Rabbi Assi in the cave traditionally marked as the kever of Rav Kahana.

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