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Dina bas Yaakov was the daughter of Leah and Yaakov Avinue. After the indecent of Shechem she married her brother Shimon. When the tribes left Eretz Yisroel to resettle in Egypt, she divorced Shimon and remarried Iyov.

[edit] Birth

It was known to all the Imahos that Yaakov would beget only twelve males in order to parallel the twelve archetype personalities that could be found in the Jewish Nation and the Realm of Holiness. When Leah became pregnant with her seventh son she realized that Rachel would remain with Yosef as her single son, making her inferior to the maidservant wives, Bilah and Zilpa that each already had two children. Leah therefore judged the circumstances and issued a verdict that she could not leave her Rachel in this perdicement and began praying that the fetus should transform into a girl. Her prayers were accepted and when a girl was born she named her Dena after the din - judgment that she had issued upon herself.

[edit] Children

Dina had a daughter named Asnot from the incident with Shechem. This illegitimate child was thrown out by the family and was transported by angles to Egypt where she was adopted by Pitifar and later married her uncle Yosef.

Dinah had a son named Shaul ben HaCannanit from her marriage with Shimon.

[edit] Kever Dina

Dena is buried in Arbel, Israel along with two of her brothers, most likely Reuvain and Shimon.

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