Chizkiya Rosh Hagolah

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There were two leaders of the Baboloynian exile with the name Chizkiya Rosh Hagola. Chizkiya the First was a 13th generation of Yehoyachin King of Yehuda, making him a 10th generation of Zerubavel. Mar Chizkiya the Second was the last Rosh Golah who was executed by the Persian Emperor in the middle of the eleventh century.

[edit] Chizkiya the First

  1. Yehoyachin
  2. Shaltiel
  3. Pidaya
  4. Zerubavel
  5. Meshulam
  6. Chananya
  7. Birachya
  8. Chasidya
  9. Yishaya
  10. Ovadya
  11. Shichenya
  12. Shimaya
  13. Niarya
  14. Chizkiya

[edit] Kever Chizkiya Rosh Hagolah

Chizkiya Rosh Hagolah is buried in Arbel near the great cliffs, in the plot of land originally belonging to Yehoshua ben Saraf HaKohen, east of the ancient village. It is uncertain which of the two Chizkiya's is buried there.

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