Darom Neighborhood Safed

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Darom Neighborhood Tzfat
Darom Neighborhood Tzfat
שכונת דרום
Other Names
Southern Neighborhood of Tzfat
Post 1948 Safed neighborhood with mixed population and mid-priced to low-priced homes and apartments.

Tzfat residents looking for a reasonably-priced property in a pleasant section of Tzfat will find good deals along with a full range of services and amenities in the Darom neighborhood.


[edit] Background

Tzahal Street.
Following the Safed War of Independence in 1948, the government began to build new neighborhoods in the areas that surrounded the Old City and the Artist Quarter. In addition to the new immigrants who were flooding the country, many residents of the older areas didn’t want to continue to live in the old stone houses of the Old City and preferred to buy newer apartments.

[edit] Darom

A Darom staircase.
One of the first neighborhoods that was build was the Darom neighborhood. The first apartments were built near the southeastern section of the Artists Quarter and the area slowly spread southward, down the slope of the Tzfat mountainside. The apartment buildings centered around HaNasi Street, Herzel Street and Sprinzak Street. When the Ziv Hospital was completed in 1973, new neighborhoods were built in that area. These include a neighborhood for the Ultra-Orthodox population, Meor Chaim, as well as a low-rental neighborhood, Ofer and the Ganei Hadar neighborhood.

[edit] Community Services

The new neighborhood was planned to include an industrial zone on Weitzman Street and a central shopping area, Roscoe. An elementary school, Mamlachti Gimel, was built to serve the non-religious elementary school students of the area and the Ari School was built to meet the needs of the National Religious population of the Darom. Many students who study in other areas of the city have free bus service to their schools. The Bloom Community Center, located on Herzl Street, offers classes, after-school clubs, sports facilities and a library to local residents.

[edit] New Population

In 1990 a new wave of immigrants, Jews from the Soviet Union, began to arrive in Tzfat. They were looking for low-cost housing and thousands of new immigrants settled in the Darom neighborhood in Tzfat. A large number of the older residents moved to new neighborhoods which opened up in the northern district of Tzfat. Although the population became more mixed, the communities remained stable.

[edit] Real Estate

Shprinzak Street.
A number of local real estate agents provide assistance to people who want to buy or rent in the Darom area. In addition to the Meor Chaim neighborhood, other neighborhoods have large populations from a specific community. Rehov Sprinzak has many families from the Na Nach Breslev community and Ganai Hadar has a growing community of young Sephardic Ultra-Orthodox families.

Prices continue to rise, both because of Tzfat’s popularity with young religious families and because of the new Medical School which opened in Tzfat in October 2011.

[edit] New Developments

A new neighborhood, planned to fill the needs of Tzfat’s new Medical School, is planned to be built in the valley below Safed, near the Hospital.

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