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Bilhah was the third of Yackov's four wives and the mother of Dan and Naftali. She was a half sister of Rachel and Leah from their father Laven though his marriage to a concubine. When Rachel married Yacckov, Bilhah was given to her as a maidservent. When Rachel saw she could not conceive she requested that Yackov marry Bilhah so she could produce offspring through her.

Bilhah is buried in Teveria in the 'Tomb of the Imahos'.

[edit] Maidservant

Despite being older then Zilpah, Billah was given as a maidservant to Rachel when she married Yackov since the younger Zilpah was already given to Leah in attempt to fool Yackov that she was really Rachel, the younger of the two.

[edit] Children

Bilhah had two sons, Dan and Naftali, both who were named by Rachel. With each boy, Bilhah also gave birth to twin sister.

[edit] Wife of Yackov

Bilhah lived the longest from all of Yackov's wives. Originally the Shichina had rested in the tents of Rachel and Leah. After their passing, the Shichina relocated to the tent of Bilhah. Bilhah exiled to Egypt along with Yackov and the family. In Egypt Bilhah would service Yackov and tend to his needs, when he got sick she was involved in the relaying of this information to Yosef.

After the death of Yackov, the brothers feared that Yosef would now take vengeance upon them for selling him and he had only been holding back out of respect of their father. They sent Bilhah to talk to him since she had served as his step mother once Rachel had passed away.

When the Jews left Egypt they took with them the coffin of Bilhah and reburied her in Teveria in the 'Tomb of the Imahos'

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