Cave of Shem and Ever

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Shem & Eber Cave
Cave of Shem and Ever
מערת שם ועבר צפת
Other Names:
Bais Medrash of Shem and Ever, Shem Va'Ever Cave
A cave in Tzfat attributed to having been used by Shem and Ever to teach Torah, contains the Kever of Rebbe Dosa ben Hurkanes.

The Cave of Shem and Ever is located in the center of Safed right above the Artist Quarter on the slope of the Metzuda, a few minutes away from the Old City. This large double cave was historically respected by Jews, Muslims and Christians. Legend says this cave was once used as a Bais Medrash of Shem and his grandson Ever and possibly the location where Yackov studied for 14 years on his escape to Lavan. Inside the inner cave there are a number of graves, some of which had historically been attributed to various Tanaim. According to the testimony of the holy Ari, the only Tana buried in this cave is Rebbe Dossa ben Hurkaness.

[edit] Directions

Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 32.966312
  • Longitude: 35.495168
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