Rabbi Elazar Azikri

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Rabbi Elazar Azikri was a Kabbalist who lived in Tzfat during it's golden age at the same time as the holy Arizal and Rabbi Yosef Karo. He is the author of the Yidid Nefesh song which is recited in many communities before the Kabbalat Shabbot during Friday night prayers and also as one of the Zimiros sung during the Third Shabbot meal. Rabbi Elazar Azikri also authored the Sefer Charadim.

[edit] Hidden Tzadik

Rabbi Elazar Azikri kept a very low profile and the community was unaware of his true stature, until it was revealed by the Holy Arizal one year in Meron on Lag Bomer after Rabbi Shimon bar Yochi himself came to dance with him.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Elazar Azikri

Rabbi Elazar Azikri is buried in the Ancient Tzfat Cemetery right next to the Kever of the holy Arizal. For many years the exact location of the Kever was lost. In 2009 it was rediscovered by Eliyahu ben Tovim who was researching the Kivarim in the cemetery and unearthed the tombstone of Rabbi Elazar Azikri's wife, who according to sources was buried right next to him.

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