Chana and Her Seven Sons

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Chana and her seven sons died Al Kidush Hashem during the Greek rulership of Israel. This story most probably took place during the era of the first pair of Zugot, Yossi ben Yoezer and Yossi ben Yochanan.

[edit] Kever Chana and Her Seven Sons

Chana and her seven sons are buried in the ancient cemetery of Tzfas. Today their graves are marked as located in a cave right across the Kever of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chananya, although there is no historical source for this. All accounts from historical visitors to the site, place the location of the graves somewhere around the hill in the top left corner of the cemetery that currently hosts the new add-on IDF operated burial plot for fallen soldiers.

[edit] Directions

Currently Marked Kever (There is no historical source for this location and the true location is the hill on the other side of the cemetery) Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 32.96747
  • Longitude: 35.488769
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