Ari Mikva

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Arizal Mikvah
Arizal Mikvah.
מקווה הארי צפת
Ari, Arizal, Mikva, Mikvah
Ancient mikva filled by a live stream above the Tzfat cemetery, historically used by the Arizal.

The Ari Mikva is located at the edge of the ancient cemetery of Tzfas which according to tradition was used by the Arizal when he lived in the city. The Ari Mikva is known to be very cold. Legend says that whoever immerses in the Ari Mikva is guaranteed to have thoughts of repentance sometime before he dies. There are people in Tzfat that immerse in the Ari Mikva daily. Often people visitors will first immerse in the Ari Mikva before approaching the graves of the Tzadikim buried in the cemetery.


[edit] Segulot

There are a number of Segulot associated with the Arizal Mikva. A well known Segula is the tradition that all that immerse in the mikva will merit to have thoughts of repentance sometime before passing away. Some claim that water from the Arizal Mikva and its source stream have mystical properties. Many visitors drink from this water and fill up bottles to take home. Another Segulah involves immersing seven times in the Ari Mikva then preforming followup rituals at the Kever of the Arizal in order to attain 'Yishuv Hadaas' - mental clarity.

[edit] For Men Only

Entrance into the Ari Mikvah is for men only. Woman are prohibited from entering past the initial arches proceeding the pathway to the mikva. A number of times stones were thrown at women who tried to enter by zealous users of the Mikva who felt it to be a breach of their laws of modesty.

[edit] History

Historically the Ari Mikva was used to do Taharah purification on bodies before they were buried. It can also be assumed that it was commonly used by the Jewish inhabitable of Tzfat as a Mikva. It was used by the Arizal during the time he lived in Tzfat and it was in this Mikva that he immersed himself four times after he passed away since non of his students were worthy to do the Tahara.

[edit] Directions

There are three way to reach the Mikva.

  • Top - Either by going through the staircases of Kiryat Breslov and the Ari Sefaradi Shul or by going to the end of Rechov Ari.
  • Side - Going down the mountain side, starting either by Ohr Yakar or the Tomar Devora Seminary. There is a small dirt path.
  • Bottom - Entering the cemetery through either the main bottom entrance or through the side entrance on Tzhal street by the Alkabiz Institutions then going up the pathway that passes Kever Rebbe Yehoshua ben Chananya or going the roundabout way through Kever Rabbi Yosef Karo and then Kever HaArizal.

[edit] More Photos

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