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Rabbi Bana'ah lived during the transition period between the Tanaim and Amoraim. His teachings are mentioned in the Brisysos, mostly in regards to Agadah. His main student was Rabbi Yochanan, who gave over most of his master's teachings. Rabbi Bana'ah used to judge monetary cases using great wisdom. This eventually got him appointed to the position of head judge. Rabbi Banaah was known for marking graves so people could avoid impurity and could visit kivrei tzadikim.

[edit] Tveria

Rabbi Bana'ah had a Beit Medrash in Tveria which was later used by his student Rabbi Yochanan.

[edit] Teachings

  • Anyone that studies Torah for its sake, his Torah becomes a potion of life.
  • Fortunate is Israel, when they study Torah and do charitable acts, their evil inclination is subdued in their hands.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Bana'ah

Rabbi Bana'ah is buried along with Elkana HaNavi in Kadita.

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