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Mar Ukva was a first generation Amora who served as Resh Galusa. He was a student of Shmuel but sometimes the latter would honor him due to his position of leadership. Once Mar Ukva and his wife jumped into a burning furnace to avoid shaming a pauper. He is buried in the cliffs surrounding the village of Achbara in North Israel.

[edit] Resh Galusa

Mar Ukva served as Resh Galusa, the equivalent of the position 'Nasi' in Bavel. He was a descendant of the House of Dovid, coming from Yehoyachin and Zerubavel ben Shaltiel. It is most probable that he replaced Rav Huna the First as the head of the Diaspora. He carried the title 'Mar' like all other members of the royal family.

[edit] Student of Shmuel

While studying Torah, Mar Ukva would sit four amos in front of Shmuel like a student before his master since Shumel was greater in Torah. When they sat to rule judgments, Shmuel would sit before Mar Ukva due to his position of Resh Galusa.

[edit] Kever Mar Ukva

Mar Ukva is buried in the cliffs outside Achbara in the ruins of Chakuv based on the testimony of Rabbi Chaim Vital in the name of the Arizal.

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