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Other Names:
Rava bar Rav Yisef bar Chama
28th of Iyyar
A well known 4th generation Amora often quoted in the Talmud.

Rava was a fourth generation Babylonian Amora and a friend of Abaya, with whom he argues many times throughout the Talmud. A student of Rav Nachman, Rava later became head of the Pumpadisa academy after the passing of Abaya and its relocation to Mechuza.


[edit] Youth

Rava was the son of the Amora Rav Yosef bar Chama. He was born in the Babylonian city of Mechuza near the Chidekel river on the year that Rav Yehuda passed away. His main teacher was Rav Nachman.

Rave said he prayed for three things. The wisdom of Rav Huna and the wealth of Rav Chisda were given to him but the humility of Raba bar Rav Huna was not.

[edit] Family

Rava was the son in law of Rav Chisda.

He had a sister who at one point came to visit him with a gift of a fattened chicken and aged wine, after not seeing him for 13 years. This occurred right after Rava rebuked a beggar for demanding a meal of fattened chicken and aged wine and the later replying that Hashem is the one who supplies his meals. Rave handed the gift to the beggar, acknowledging his answer and saying Hashem had just sent him his meal.

[edit] Passing

When Rava passed away Rav Ashi was born.

[edit] Kever Rava

Rava is buried in a cave in Ovnit, North Israel along with Abaya, Rav Demei of Naharada and a number of other unnamed Tzadikim. In recent times this cave was identified as the cave a little past and under the Kever of Rebbe Yehuda Nesiah a little before the cave of the Sons of Rav Pupa.

Yisroel Meir Gabbai and his organization Ohalei Tzadikim say that based on their research, they are certain the above location is incorrect. Instead they place the Kevarim of Abaya, Rava and Rav Demei of Naharda in a cave inside the army base. This cave perfectly fits the description of Rabbi Chaim Vital both in the number of graves and in the direction of the entrance. This cave was sealed during the construction of the army base and is inaccessible. It is possible to see the estimated location of the sealed entrance through the gate surrounding the army base from a certain spot. Best time to visit this location is Sunday mornings when the army base is relatively empty.

[edit] Hillula of Rava

Local residents of the area created a Hillula for Rava and Abaya which they celebrate on the 28th of Iyyar.

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