Rabbi Moshe ben Yosef di Trani

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Rabbi Moshe ben Yosef di Trani
רבי משה בן יוסף מיטראני - המבי"ט
Salonica, Greece 1505 – Jerusalem, Israel 1585
Other Names:
Mabit, Hamabit, Rabbi Moses ben Joseph di Trani
Tzfas Cemetery
23rd of Nisson
A 16th-century rabbi and a leader of the Jewish community in Tzfat.

Rabbi Moshe ben Yosef di Trani also known as the Mabit was a student of Rabbi Yakov Beirav. He served as head of the Safed bais din alongside Rabbi Yosef Karo during the city's 'golden era', until he moved to Yerushalaim.

[edit] Life

Rabbi Moshe di Trani was born in 1500. At age 18 he moved to Tzfat and studied under Rabbi Yakov Beirav. In 1525 he was appointed as a judge in the local Beis Din, a position he held for 54 years. During this period he replied to many Halachic responsa from all over the world. After the passing of Rabbi Yosef Karo, the Mabit served as the sole head of the Tzfat Beit Din for five years. He passed away in 1580.

[edit] Kever HaMabit

Rabbi Moshe ben Yosef di Tranii is buried in the ancient Tzfat cemetery right near the Holy Ari, Ramak, Rabbi Elazar Azkari and Rabbi Shlomo Alkebetz.

[edit] Hillulah of the Mabit

The yortzite of Rabbi Moshe ben Yosef di Trani falls out on the 23rd (Chuf Gimmel) Nisson. Those that are aware of the Hillulah try to visit the Kever Hamabit in the Tzfat cemetery.

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