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Rabbi Eliyahu ben Shlomon HaKohen Gaon was the Rosh Yeshiva of Gaon Yaakov first in Yerushalaim then in Tyre. He passed away in 1083 and was carried by his students on a three day procession to Dalton where they buried him on top of the mountain near Rabbi Yossi Haglili.

[edit] Rabbi Evyasar ben Rabbi Eliyahu Hacohen

Rabbi Evyasar Gaon was the son of Rabbi Eliyahu. He authored the historically important text 'Migilat Evyasar'. Both father and son carried a Halachic correspondence with Rabbi Meshulam HaGadol of Magenza.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Eliyahu Hakohen Gaon

It can be assumed that Rabbi Eliyahu Hakohen Gaon is buried in the cave right beneath the tomb of Rabbi Yossi Haglili.

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