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B’Shvil HaLev
B’Shvil HaLev
בשביל הלב
Bish’veel Ha’Lev
B’shvil HaLev
Other Names
Path of the Heart, The Tzfat Experience
Musical tour with storytelling and a chance to experience Tzfat, Israel.

As tourism to Safed increases, a new initiative, B’Shvil HaLev, offers visitors an opportunity to experience Tzfat through interactive music, storytelling, local cuisine and meetings with local residents. The organization provides a complete Safed experience for groups who want to encounter the city and its residents through a stimulating yet meaningful visit.


[edit] Inspiration

Two of Tzfat’s most popular synagogues, the Beirav Synagogue and the House of Love and Prayer (HLP), follow the Shlomo Carlebach tradition of worship through song and joyful prayer. Meir Glazer is one of the founders of Beirav and a frequent participant in the HLP services. He worked as a bank clerk in Tzfat for many years but his true calling was music. He expressed this passion as the beloved “hazzan” -- cantor -- at Beirav and the HLP. Friday nights in Tzfat became an attractive and welcoming venue as many people, both religious and secular, streamed into the Old City to enjoy the singing and dancing of the Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat services.

[edit] Spirituality

When Meir Glazer retired from the bank he looked for ways to broaden the effect that the Carlebach style of worship and community could have, not only on people who had plans to come to Safed but on people who were considering options for a trip or program.

Meir Glazer began to develop the concept of introducing the spirituality of Tzfat to visitors by offering full programs that would allow the group to enjoy a wide range of experiences during their Tzfat encounter. He, together with a staff of visionaries, opened the B’Shvil HaLev program in 2010.

[edit] Program Options

In addition to professionally guided tours, B’Shvil HaLev introduces Tzfat to groups through tours that include storytelling, music, encounters with local residents and artists, night programs, workshops, street theatre and much more. The staff of B’Shvil HaLev introduces the participants to the history and heritage of Tzfat through stories and legends, creating a memorable experience. B’Shvil HaLev works with a local venue, the Khan of the White Donkey, to offer an events hall with catering facilities for events. B’Shvil Halev will also organize sleeping accommodations for groups who want to spend a night in Tzfat.

[edit] Guests

B’Shvil Halev’s clients include educational groups, synagogue groups, families celebrating life-cycle events, community trips, professional/work visits, tour groups and others who want to experience Tzfat differently. The organization offers tours in English and Hebrew. The staff includes professional educators who can tailor a program package to a group’s interests and educational message.


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