Barak ben Avinoam

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Barak ben Avinoam was general of the army that successfully ended the Canaanite 20 year oppression of Israel. He was considered as one of 'Judges of Israel' and led the nation along with his wife Devorah HaNevia for 40 years. Although he was of lower spiritual rank then his wife, he had the strong merit of having served and assisted the Elders that came after Yehoshua. He also was accustomed to creating and supplying Torah centers with lanterns so scholars could continue to study at night. Barak ben Avinoam is buried in Kodesh, Northern Israel.

[edit] Kever Barak ben Avinoam

Kever Barak ben Avinoam is located in Kodesh Naftali in the Northern end of Israel in a large stone coffin alongside his wife Devorah HaNevia.

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