The Yenukah

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The Yanuka
Kever of the Yenukah
הינוקא מכפר סכנין
Yanuka, Yenuka
Other Names:
Yenukah from Kfar Sichnin, Son of Rav Hamnuna Saba
A child prodigy mentioned in the Zohar who is buried in Tzfat.

The Yenukah from the Village of Sichnin was a child prodigy mentioned a few times in the Zohar and was the son of Rav Hamnuna Saba.

[edit] Kever HaYenuka

The Yenukah is buried in the Beis Hachaim of Tzfat. There are two opinion of where he is buried. Traditionally his Kaver was shown to be located in a cave above and to the left of Kever Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chananya, whose entrance is right near the Kever of Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Nun, a student of the Arizal. In a recent study by Yisrael Meir Gabbay and Ohalei Tzadikim based on descriptions by early visitors to the Kever, he instead establishes its location in the cave of Rabbi Yakov Beirav.

When Rabbi Nachman of Breslov came to Tzfat during his trip to Eretz Yisroel he visited the cave of the Yenuka. Until that time people refrained from entering the cave out of fear that a viperous snake lived in it. After Rabbi Nachman entered and emerged unscathed other people started entering as well.

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