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Rabbi Levi bar Sisi was one of the Jewish Sages living in Eretz Yisroel during the transition period between the Tanaim and the Amoraim. He helped compile a number of Braisos and any reference to Rabbi Levi in the Talmud without an additional title is referring to him. Rabbi Levi bar Sisi was a student of Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi who highly recommended him. After the passing of Rav Ofes, he moved to Bavel where he studied with Abba bar Abba the father of Shmuel and mentored Shmuel himself.

Rabbi Levi bar Sisi would press his personal merit to get things accomplished. Once his city was surrounded by invading forces, Rabbi Levi took a Torah scroll in his arms, went up to the roof and said "Master of the Universe, if I have not fulfilled even one thing in this Torah scroll, they should enter - if not, they should leave". Immediately the enemy forces departed. When Rabbi Levi bar Sisi decreed a fast during a drought and was not answered, he cried out and said "Master of the Universe, you have ascended to heaven, sitting there and are not having mercy on your children". His prayers were answered and rain came down but as a punishment of taking harshly to Hasehm Rabbi Levi became semi crippled later on.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Levi bar Sisi

Rabbi Levi bar Sisi is buried in Kibutz Sasa in North Israel.

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