Abba Shaul

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Aba Shaul
Abba Shaul
אבא שאול
Abba Saul
Mistakenly marked in Birya
29th of Nissan
A 3rd generation Tana.

Abba Shaul was a third generation Tana that is mentioned in the Mishna. He was born before the destruction of the 2nd Temple and gave over many testimonies about what he saw there. In his youth Aba Shaul studied under Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai but not long enough to be considered a student. He used to work as a gravedigger and related a few experience's from his career. An ancient but mistaken tradition places the Kever of Abba Shaul and his wife in a Biriya cave. This however was rebuffed by the holy Arizal who revealed through his Ruach Hakodesh that this kever belongs to a different Tzadik who he did not name.


[edit] Cave of Abba Shaul

Although the holy Arizal already said Abba Shaul and his wife are not buried in the cave attributed to them in Biriya, since he did not reveal the name of the Tzadik who is buried there, people continue to refer to the location as the 'Cave of Abba Shaul'.

[edit] Hillula of Abba Shaul

Members of the local community in Biriya decided to create a Hillula for Abba Shaul on the 29th of Nissan.

[edit] Directions

Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 32.982972
  • Longitude: 35.501162

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