Rabbi Moshe Alshich

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Rabbi Moshe Alsheich
Rabbi Moshe Alshich
רבי משה אלשיך
1508–1593, Safed
Other Names:
HaAlshich HaKadosh
Alsheich, Alshech
Old Tzfat Cemetery
13th of Nissan
Prominent 16th century rabbi and author who lived in Tzfat.

Rabbi Moshe Alshich was a 16th century Rabbi who lived in Tezfas during its Golden Era. He was a student of Rabbi Yosef Karo and his students included Rabbi Chaim Vital and Rabbi Yom Tov Tzahalon. Rabbi Moshe Alshich was known for his homiletical sermons and authored close to 20 books, most notably the 'Torat Moshe'.


[edit] Kever Rabbi Moshe Alshich

Rabbi Moshe Alshich is buried either directly above or inside the cave of the 'Elders of Tzfat' in the city's old cemetery. Most people visit the Tziyun built on top of the cave, where some people claim the Alshich Hakadosh is buried. Others say he is buried inside the cave along with Rabbi Yakov Beirav. A Tziyun was then built as a marker directly above the actual location of the Kever inside the cave, as is found by a number of other Kevrei Tzadikim.

[edit] Hillula of Rabbi Moshe Alshich

The yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Alshich fals out on the 13th of Nissan, the day proceeding Erev Pesach. This is the same day as the Hillula of Rabbi Yosef Karo. Since both Kevarim are in very close proximity, many people attend both Hillulas.

[edit] The Alshich Synagogue

The Alsheich Shul is one of the oldest synagogues in Tzfat. It the only Beit Knesset in Tzfat which was not destroyed during the 1759 and 1837 earthquakes. Rabbi Moshe Alshich oversaw the construction of the synagogue. It was erected in the style of 16th century Sepharadic synagogues. The Alsheich insisted that neither an Ezrat Nashim nor a restroom be built on premises. Some cite this as the reason for the Shul's miraculous escape from the destruction of the earthquakes. Rabbi Moshe Alshich continued to pray and teach at the synagogue until he moved to Damascus in 1588. When he passed away the synagogue was renamed in his honor.

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