Hungarian Speaking Jewry Museum Safed

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Hungarian Museum Tzfat
Hungarian Speaking Jewry Museum Safed
המוזיאון למורשת היהדות הדוברת הונגרית
Other Names:
Hungarian Museum, Museum of Hungarian Jewry, Museum of Hungarian-speaking Jewry
Memorial Museum of Hungarian Jewry located in Safed, Israel.

The Safed Memorial Museum of the Hungarian Speaking Jewry was established to remember the Hungarian-speaking communities of Hungary, Transylvania, Carpathian-Russia, Slovakia, Bachka, Banat and Burgenland. The displays at the museum provide a history of these communities during the times that they flourished as well as their fates during the Holocaust.


[edit] History

The Memorial Museum of the Hungarian Speaking Jewry was established in 1986 through the efforts of Hava and Yosef Lustig. The museum opened to the public in 1990, depicting the lives of Jews who lived in Hungarian-speaking regions.

[edit] Aims

The Lustigs, together with a 30-person board, sought to collect and preserve items which depict the daily lives, the traditions and the folklore of these communities.They wanted the museum to educate new generations to the contributions of these communities, including personalities who led the communities and issues that the communities faced.

[edit] Museum Structure

The museum is located in the Wolfson/Saraya Community Center on HaPalmach Street, close to the center of Safed. The building stands in the Wolfson/Saraya courtyard and is autonomous in its functioning, hours and staffing.

[edit] Exhibition

The museum’s exhibition includes items of Judaica which depict the traditions and customs of the Jewish communities of these areas, documents and other items which demonstrate the culture and education of the communities, Hungarian Jewish soldiers who served in Hungarian armies, connections with the Land of Israel and the fate of the communities during the Holocaust.

[edit] Activities

The museum operates several options for visitors.

[edit] Guided Tours

Available for groups and individuals. Tours are available in English, Hebrew and Hungarian.

[edit] Audio-Visual Programs

Available in Hebrew, English and Hungarian, these videos allow viewers to hear the personal stories of Jews who lived in Hungarian-speaking communities. There are also videos of music and slides of synagogues which existed/exist in Hungary.

[edit] Library and Archive

Provides materials for the museum’s ongoing research. These collections include thousands of books, documents, diaries, certificates and photographs. Staff members sort, catalog and translate these documents and provide them for students of all levels who want to use them for their school and research work.

[edit] Events

The museum sponsors several yearly events which are connected to the museum’s mission.

[edit] Holocaust Day

In conjunction with the State of Israel’s activities “Every Man Has a Name,” museum staff and visitors read out the names of Hungarian Holocaust victims at a special ceremony held at the museum.

[edit] Herzl Day

The annual convention of the Friends of the Museum where issues devoted to the museum’s direction and activities are discussed.

[edit] Annual Assembly

The annual assembly of the Museum Association members, held in Tel-Aviv.


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