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Yonatan Darmon
Yonatan Darmon Gallery
יהונתן דרמון פסל
Yon-a-ton Dar-mon
Other Names:
Sculptor Jonathan Darmon , Yonason Darmon Gallery
Well-known Israeli sculptor who works and exhibits in Tzfat.

Many art enthusiasts come to Tzfat specifically to see the Darmon Sculpture Exhibition. Yonatan Darmon’s sculptures are collector’s items and many are placed in public areas worldwide.


[edit] Background

Yonatan Darmon was born in Morocco and raised in Toulouse. He studied sculpture at the Ecole Beaux Arts School in France. After he immigrated to Israel in 1970 he studied at the Ein Hod Artists Village and subsequently at Haifa University. In the early 1980s Darmon was asked to stay on at Haifa University as an instructor. At the same time he and his wife bought a small house in the Tzfat Artist Quarter. He found that Tzfat inspired him and provided him with a quiet and tranquil atmosphere where he could work and exhibit his art. In addition, the thriving artists community which included a mentor, Moshe Ziffer, offered a supportive artist community. Darmon divides his week between Tzfat and Haifa, creating his sculptures in Tzfat while teaching in Haifa.

[edit] Techniques

Yonatan works in bronze and creates sculptures with clean elegant lines. He molds his sculptures in such a way as to play the light and shadows so that they accentuate each piece’s contrasts. Yonatan begins each work by sketching his vision of the work and then molding it with clay. He changes the mold frequently as he aims toward a final form that will satisfy his vision. Once the clay form is satisfactory, Yonatan casts it in plaster of paris. He puts it away for several weeks so that, when he returns to it, he can view it afresh and, if he wishes, change it -- fix mistakes and erase blemishes -- or even destroy it entirely and begin again. Once a mold has its final shape Yonatan casts it in bronze in several different sizes.

[edit] Themes

At the beginning of each year Yonatan selects a theme for that year’s works. Themes have included Motherhood, Couplehood, War and Peace, Joy and Strong Women among others.

[edit] Exhibits

Darmon exhibits his works at his permanent exhibit in the Ashtam Building near the Central Safed Stairway in Tzfat’s Old City. In addition, his works have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world including Paris, London, Toronto, New York, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. The Carmelia Synagogue in Haifa owns several Darmon sculptures and collectors from over 20 countries have his sculptures as part of their own private collections.

[edit] Outdoor Exhibits

Several of Darmon’s largest sculptures are exhibited in outdoor venues. “Large Bird,” a sweeping graceful piece sits in the courtyard of the Main Health Center in Haifa. “War and Peace Memorial” is exhibited in the Public Garden of Safed. “Joie de Vivre” can be seen at the Regional Medical Center in Pomona, New Jersey.

[edit] Artists Quarter Association

As part of his commitment to the revitalization of Tzfat’s Artist Quarter Association, Yonatan served as chairman of the Association for many years. He continues to encourage new artists to come to the area and works on programs and projects that strengthen the artist community in Tzfat.


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