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Sarah’s Tent
Sarah's Tent Gallery
גלריה אוהל שרה
Saras' Tent
Other Names:
Tzfat Udaica Gallery, Knafo Gallery
Tzfat gallery which exhibits traditional Jewish artwork along with Judaica containing modern motifs and designs.

The Sarah’s Tent Art Gallery on Alkabetz Street in Tzfat’s Old City embodies its name as a house of gracious hospitality as it strives to adhere to the Biblical model of Sarah who always welcomed strangers into her tent.


[edit] Background

Meir and Sarah Knafo opened the Sarah’s Tent Art Gallery in Tzfat’s Old Jewish Quarter in 2004. The gallery is located in a renovated building which was rebuilt on the ruins of homes destroyed in the 1759 Earthquake and again in the 1837 earthquake. The gallery is divided into two large rooms which display a wide variety of paintings, jewelry and Judaica.

[edit] Avi Ben Simhoni

Avi Ben Simhoni is one of Israel’s best-known artists. He was born in Morocco and grew up in Jerusalem. After he studied art at the Avni Art Institute he began to develop his own unique style of painting which combines images, colors and textures into a light and airy work which celebrates life. His work is influenced by the Fauvist and Cubist schools of art. He works on canvas and on paper. Sarah’s Tent displays his multi-media collages in addition to his paintings. Works include Floral Revival, Sweet Thoughts and Israeli Landscape.

[edit] Danny Azoulay

Danny Azoulay was born in Morocco and raised in Israel. He graduated from the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem. He is known for his traditional Judaica which includes calligraphy blessings on paper and parchment, papercuts which depict Jewish blessings and ritual writings. He also creates porcelain Judaica objects. Azoulay is known for his attention to design details, vivid colors and creativity. Azoulay works in his Jerusalem studio and exhibits in Jerusalem and at Sarah’s Tent in Tzfat.

[edit] Moshe Bernstein

Moshe Bernstein was well-known among the Israeli bohemian art scene in Israel’s early years. He studied art at the Academy of Vilna and survived the Holocaust, though his entire family was murdered. Themes of Bernstein’s paintings center on his memories of his birthplace and other small Jewish towns -- shtetls -- as well as his general memory of this aspect of European Jewry. His works honor the Jewish culture of pre-World War II Europe. Bernstein died in 2006. He worked in black ink and sketched portraits which recalled the faces of his life in Europe.

[edit] Yafim

Yafim is a master silversmith who creates jewelry and Judaica in a corner of the Sarah’s Tent Gallery. Yafim is well-known for his traditional designs as well as his method of hand-crafting all of the pieces without using any casting techniques. He employs the style that was in use 200 years ago and completely creates all of his pieces from their design to execution.

[edit] Talila Avraham

Talila Abraham makes vintage lacework from metal -- metalace. This lace-on-metal is a contemporary design inspired and crafted from embroidery and lace fabrics using advanced metal process technologies. Taliia shapes her work into flower canisters, picture frames, serveware and tabletop items such as a tissue-boxes and perfume-holders. Talila also makes metalace Judaica such as mezuzahs, challah trays and decorative pomegranates.

[edit] Yuval Mahler

Yuval Mahler was born in Haifa and studied graphic design and animation at the New York School of Visual Arts. Mahler’s art reflects the human condition drawn with wry humor, caricature, satire, and comedy. He depicts the absurdities of life and how people relate to these experiences. His colorful caricatures appeal to the whimsical. He works in multi-media including acrylics, colored pencils, pastels, gouache and serigraphs.

[edit] Gallery

Sarah’s Tent Gallery is located at 59 Alkabetz Street under the Gan Hakasum children’s park. Staffers speak English, French and Hebrew.


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