Lana Laor

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Lana Laor
Abuhav Synagogue
לנה לאור
L’ana L’Or
Other Names
Studio Laor
A Safed raised artist who creates paintings about the city and Kabbalah jewelery.

Lana Laor brings a ethereal classical painting style Tzfat as she captures the charm, light and hues of the mystical city with oil colors on canvas.


[edit] Background

Lana was raised in the artistic climate of Tzfat. Her mother, Ruth Shany, was a well-known artist in the city who participated in the creation of the Tzfat Artists Colony Association. Lana studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and with the well-known artist, professor Ernst Fuchs, in Vienna before returning to Tzfat in 1996 and establishing her own gallery in the city.

[edit] Inspiration

Lana is intrigued by the deep colors and mystical atmosphere of Tzfat. She attempts to capture the depth of each subject in her diluted oils on canvas, including a subject that fascinates her -- people who come to Tzfat to seek answers. Many of these people turn to Kabbalah study and Jewish mysticism permeates many of Lana’s works.

[edit] Style

Lana paints in an expressive realistic style aimed at energizing viewers and allowing them to touch their own personal associations as they observe the painting. She paints using rounded lines and one central color around which she adds coordinating colors to indicate strength and love. She aims to establish a feeling of optimism in her paintings.

[edit] Serigraphs

Lana paints serigraphs which allows her to express a central idea in different ways. Many of these serigraphs are studies of man and nature and include mystical expressions of pastoral scenes. Some of Lana’s serigraphs include “Fruits of the Garden of Eden,” “Secrets of the Sea,” “Blood of the Pomegranate,” “Dance of the Butterflies” and “Tzfat.”

[edit] Jewelry

Lana creates jewelry with Kabbalistic meanings and symbolism. She employs metalwork, beadwork, fabrics and representations in her works which display Hebrew letters, icons and colorful imagery.

[edit] Gallery

Lana Laor’s gallery is located in the courtyard of the General Exhibition of Tzfat on Alorsoroff Street. She opens her gallery daily.


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