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Hai Gallery
Hai Gallery
גלירה חי
Other Names:
Chi Gallery Tzfat
Gallery exhibiting the paintings of Iris Alkoby and other Israeli artists.

The Hai Gallery opened in 2011 along the main Gallery street of Tzfat’s Old Jewish Quarter. The gallery represents both Tzfat and Israeli artists.


[edit] Hai Gallery

The Hai Gallery was built when excavations under the Gan HaKasum park, a children’s playground in the Old Jewish Quarter, revealed rooms which had been destroyed in the 1759 and 1837 earthquakes. The rooms were excavated and reinforced, examined by the Antiquities Authority and, in the end, reconstructed as one of Tzfat’s most elegant galleries. The Hai Gallery represents both Tzfat and other Israeli artists.

[edit] Miriam Mehadipur

Miriam Mehadipur was born and raised in the Netherlands. She studied at the Royal Academy of Art before immigrating to Israeli in 1999. Her paintings capture the Persian Jewish traditions of her husband. Mehadipur’s works are often populated by feminine Biblical characters including the matriarchs Sarah, Leah, Rebecca and Rachel alongside other strong Jewish Biblical women such as Miriam, Ruth and Queen Esther. Many of Miriam’s paintings are framed with hand-painted wooden frames which her husband, Menachem, creates. These include woodwork with intricate carvings and etchings. In addition to the Hai Gallery Miriam’s works can been seen in her own gallery located in the Artist Quarter.

[edit] Sigal Avni

Sigal Avni lives and works in Tzfat. She shares a gallery with her musician husband, Yakov, in the Artists Quarter and also exhibits at the Hai Gallery. Her paintings are created with warm, soothing colors and express the vibrant landscapes and people that she finds in Tzfat. Sigal became religious as an adult and turned to paintings, rather than her previous sculptures, to express spirituality and Jewish tradition. Sigal focuses on the nature of northern Israel in her paintings which express the serene peaceful atmosphere where Sigal lives and works. Sigal also teaches art at the local Safed Community College.

[edit] Gallery

The Hai Gallery is located below the Gan HaKasum Park on Yosef Caro Street in the Old Jewish Quarter of Tzfat.


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