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Nonna Gallery
Nonna Gallery
גלריה נונה
Other Names:
Safed Fine Art
Tzfat art gallery of jewelry, Judaica, jewelry sculptures and paintings.

The Nonna Gallery was the dream of Nonna Vaisberg, a Russian immigrant who painted the beauty and wonders of her adopted home in Safed. Nonna passed away at a young age but her husband Haim Sror maintains the gallery which exhibits Nonna’s works as well as the art of other Israeli artists.


[edit] Nonna Vaisberg

Nonna immigrated to Tzfat with her parents in 1990. Her paintings reflect the inspiration that she saw in the buildings and lanes of the Old Jewish Quarter of Tzfat. Nonna painted scenes of the Old City employing rich deep colors and exacting brush strokes in lifelike representations of the town and its Jewish traditions. Many of Nonna’s works are realistic illustrations of Tzfat and Judaism but Nonna also painted imaginative visions of angels in Jerusalem near the Western Wall, the Menorah of the Jerusalem Temple surrounded by Jews praying at the present-day Western Wall and fanciful illustrations of Klezmer musicians. Nonna’s still lifes include the Sabbath table, fruit and flowers.

[edit] Oz El Hai

Oz El Hai, a native-born Israeli painter, studied painting at the University of Tel Aviv. He paints colorful abstracts, romantic visions of women and abstract still lifes. Oz uses a palette knife in his work and employs vivid colors to create rich, energetic figurative paintings. His bold style draws the viewer into the painting while inspiring imagination. Oz paints his romantic expressionist paintings on wood, paper and canvas and aims to create excitement and energy through simple colors and movement in his artistic expression of colors, shapes, and images.

[edit] George Petrov

George Petrov was born Sofia, Bulgaria. He studied monumental ceramics at the University of Sofia Academy of Art and immigrated to Israel in 1992. He creates creating platinum and ceramic sculptures for both indoor and outdoor settings alongside Judaica sculptures. The Nonna gallery exhibits many of Petrov’s works in which he glazes the ceramics with a platinum glaze which gives the work a unique finish. Many of Petrov’s sculptures depict women while other objects include sculptures of fish, pomegranates and vases.

[edit] Yona Peretz

The Nonna Gallery exhibits the Roman Glass jewelry of Israeli artist Yona Peretz. Roman glass jewelry incorporates small pieces of colored glass which was manufactured in Israel during the era of the Roman rule. Shards of this glass has been excavated in areas of Israel where the Romans had established colonies including those in Jerusalem and the coastal city of Ceasarea. Yona Peretz uses these pieces of colorful glass in her unique silverwork including earrings, pendants and bracelets.

[edit] Esther Shahaf

Ester Shahaf studied theater and costume design at Tel Aviv university. Today she lives in the northern town of Binyamina and creates jewelry and Judaica in which she combines silver, pewter and Swarovski crystals which she accents with copper and brass. She blends materials such as various metals and casted pewter and hand paints the pieces into which she inserts stonework. Her style integrates many different styles which include Mediterranean, Oriental and modern.

[edit] Gallery

The Nonna Gallery is on the Yosef Caro Street, below the Gan HaKasum children’s park.


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