Judith Gallery Safed

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Judith Gallery
Judith Gallery Safed
גלריה יהודית
Other Names:
Olive Tree Gallery
Large art gallery in Safed, exhibiting of a wide variety of local and Israeli artists and artisans.

Situated next to the main Tzfat tourist bus parking lot near the Big Staircase, the Judith Gallery offers a wide selection of Judaica and general art of Israeli artists and artisans.


[edit] Background

The Judith Gallery was established by Avraham Sade, a Tzfat policeman, in 1969. It sits on the edge of the Tzfat Artist Quarter. Sade envisioned a central gallery which would represent Tzfat and Israeli artists. It would allow individuals who were looking for a piece of Israeli art to see many different types of works displayed in one central gallery.

[edit] Artists

The Judith Gallery represents over 60 different Israeli artists. The gallery exhibits a wide range of paintings, jewelry, sculpture and Judaica and well as small inexpensive souvenirs. The works of older established artists are represented alongside those of younger artists.

[edit] Ben Avraham Nhamani

Ben Avraham Nhamani is a self-taught artist who began painting in his native Miknas, Morocco at age seven. After his immigration to Israel he studied at the Ofek School of Art in Tel Aviv. He paints in an impressionistic style and expresses his love and devotion to Judaism and Israel through varied media techniques including copper beating, pastel colors, and oil paints. Presently, he combines these various media which heighten the joyous tone of his works. Ben Avraham Nhamani draws his subjects from Jewish life, Kabbalah, faith and Jewish tradition. Each of his miniatures has its own motif but all of his themes are tied an overriding theme of world peace.

[edit] Nicky Imber

Nicky Imber was born and raised in Austria where he studied at the Academy of Arts of Vienna. He was interned in Dachau by the Nazis after the Anschluss but managed to escape and eventually immigrated to Venezuela where he became a well-known anthropologist. His anthropological studies influenced his early cement sculptures of prehistoric animals as well as his later works which depict people. Visitors to the Judith gallery can see Imber’s sculptures.

[edit] Shalom of Safed

Shalom of Safed introduced the art of microcalligraphy to Tzfat in his small Old City studio in the 1950s - 1980s. He wrote entire books of the Bible and other holy works in tiny lettering, shaping the text into a shape which became part of a picture that illustrated the Bible story. New microcalligraphy artists now work in Tzfat but Shalom of Safed’s works paved the way. The Judith Gallery exhibits copies of many of these original works of micro-calligraphy.

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[edit] Dorit Gur

Dorit Gur is a young Israeli artist who works in acrylic paints and additional media. She utilizes powerful colors to express her ideas as well as her own personal character. She paints intuitively by trial and error and draws on her spirituality for her inspirations. Her themes of Biblical verses express themselves in her strong colors and focused shapes. Dorit is also influenced by the study of life regression, channeling and angel healing.

[edit] Gallery Location

The Judith Gallery is open daily. Visitors can find it next to the tourist bus parking lot in-between the Artists Quarter and the Old Jewish Quarter.


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