Iris Gallery Safed

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Iris’s Gallery of Tzfat
Iris Gallery Safed
גלריה איריס
Other Names:
Safed - The land of Galilee Gallery
Tzfat based gallery exhibiting the paintings of Iris Alkoby and other Israeli artists.

The Iris Gallery exhibits paintings, jewelry, Judaica and sculptures which represent some of Israel’s best-known artists. In addition, the gallery displays the paintings of three Tzfas residents, Iris Alkoby, Shimon Zrihan and Gadi Dadon.


[edit] Background

Iris Alkoby’s family immigrated to Israel from Kurdistan. She was born in Nahariya and moved to Tzfat with her family. As a child Iris was enchanted by the picturesque lanes and alleyways of the town. Iris is a self-taught artist but the growing recognition of her work in the art world encouraged her to open a gallery in the Old City of Safed together with her husband Prosper.

In addition to the work of Tzfat artists the Iris gallery displays the works of a variety of Israeli artists and artisans.

[edit] Michal Ben Yosef

Michal Ben Yosef focuses on ceramic Judaica including her famous ceramic pomegranates. She designs, handcrafts and fires all of her works to ensure their quality and durability. Michal’s innovative ceramic techniques allow her to produce realistic recreations of subjects which she draws from Israeli animal and plant life. Michal glazes some of her works but leaves some pieces unglazed to bring forth the natural beauty of the materials’ textures and body. She incorporates a spiritual dimension to her work which reflects beauty and joy.

[edit] Roman Glass Jewelry

The Iris Gallery displays the Roman Glass jewelry of Israel Shoham. This Roman glass jewelry is hand-crafted and includes pieces of 2000 year-old Roman glass which dates back to the period when the Romans manufactured colored glass during their rule of the Land of Israel. This glass has been excavated in areas where the Romans established settlements including Ceasarea and Jerusalem. Israel Shoham is one of the few Israeli artists who is certified by the Israel Museum to work with Roman glass. He incorporates the colorful pieces of glass into rings, earrings, bracelets and necklace pendants.

[edit] Menashe Kadishman

Menashe Kadishman is one of Israel’s best-known sculptors and painters. His works are exhibited in the Iris Gallery where visitors can see how he relates to the Land of Israel and its people. Kadishman’s art explores the relationship between modern society and human feelings through the use of symbolism and materials.

[edit] Shimon Zrihan

Shimon Zrihan was born and raised in Tzfat. He was drawn to the world of art from an early age and studied at the "Abba Hooshi" school in Haifa. His work combines styles including realistic, cubist and surreal and reflects his imagination. Zrihan works in clay, wood and stone. He has taught sculpture locally.

[edit] Artists of Old Tzfat

In addition to contemporary artists the Iris Gallery exhibits the art of two of Tzfat’s best-known personalities who were involved in the establishment of the Tzfat Artists Association in the ‘50s. Social activist paintings of Ruth Schloss and Samuel Teppler, colorful abstracts can be seen at the Iris Gallery.


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