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Victor Halvani Gallery
Victor Halvani Gallery
גלריה הלבני
Other Names:
Tzfat Sculptor
A sculptor with a permanent exhibition in Tzfat.

Victor Halvani is one of Tzfat’s best-known sculptors. He has been working and exhibiting in the city since 1982.


[edit] Background

Victor Halvani was born in Egypt and studied art at the Zamalek Academy of Art in Cairo. Following the threats to the Egyptian Jewish community after Israel declared its independence Halvani moved to Israel and studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. He taught art in the Israeli school system as well as the Art Teacher’s College and the Tel Aviv and Haifa University Schools of Occupational Therapy. Halvani studied for a graduate degree in sculpture at the Hammersmith College of Art in London under a scholarship from the Israeli Ministry of Education. In 1975 he moved to the Ein Hod Artists Village to create his sculptures where he served as the dean of the Ein Hod School of Fine Art. Halvani moved to Tzfat in 1982, establishing his gallery and becoming involved in the artists community of the city.

[edit] Inspiration

Halvani’s work is influenced by Egyptian art as well as his knowledge of Jewish traditions and his studies of the Bible. His sculpture style has influenced many younger Israeli sculptors with its clean and precise lines, graceful movements and clear meanings. Halvani creates both small and large pieces and many of his sculptures are exhibited in outdoor gardens and public areas while others sit on table tops and shelves. Halvani works in bronze and stainless steel.

[edit] Subjects

Halvani covers a wide range of subjects in his sculptures. Many of his works are influenced by Biblical stories such as his “David Playing Harp,”The Binding of Isaac”, “Lot’s Wife”, “Moses and the Princess of Egypt”, “Jacob’s Dream”,”Joshua With the Shofar”, and “Ruth and Naomi”. He has sculpted several versions of “Adam and Eve”, one of which graces the courtyard of Tzfat’s General Exhibition. His works also explore other universal themes such as “Hope,” “Motherhood”, “Maternity,” “Freedom”, and “The Dancer.” His futuristic “Space Family” sculptures are a nod to his fascination with space travel and space technology while his interest in wildlife can be seen in his “Flamingo”, “Deer” and “Gazelle” sculptures.

[edit] Gallery

Halvani’s gallery sits on the edge of the Artist Quarter near the Khan of the White Donkey. Halvani has served as the president of the Safed Art Colony Association and assisted in the development of the Museum Gallery of the Safed Artists' Colony.


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