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Idit Aharon Gallery
Idit Aharon Gallery
עידית אהרון
Idit Aharon
Other Names:
Pomagranate Gallery
Studio and gallery of Idit Aharon’s paintings

Idit Aharon served as a curator at the Living Art Gallery for several years before opening her own studio. The Living Art Gallery was located in the Kikar HaMeginim central square of Safed’s Old Jewish Quarter. After it closed Idit decided to open her studio on the Yosef Caro Street in the Old City which allowed her to join in the thriving Tzfat artist community. Idit’s gallery exhibits only her own work. Her paintings concentrate on Jewish and Tzfat themes. In addition to her own paintings and gallery, Idit teaches art at the Tzfat branch of Bar Ilan University.


[edit] Technique

Idit uses a unique technique in her paintings. She layers clippings from hundreds of magazines on Steibach paper and then paints the top layer with a special material which absorbs the images from the pictures below. The images from the magazine pictures rise to the top and can be seen through the top paint. After covering the magazine layers with the top layer Idit creates her own painting. Each painting becomes a work of mixed media that fuses the magazine images, textures of the magazine layers and colors and designs of Idit’s final painting.

[edit] Inspiration

Idit became religiously observant as an adult. Her works are inspired by her commitment to Jewish culture and tradition. Her paintings include many different versions of the Tree of Life as well as the lanes and alleyways of Tzfat, flowers of Israel, “Hamsas” -- good luck hand symbols -- and pomegranates. The proliferation of paintings of pomegranates in Idit’s gallery have given rise to the studio’s nickname -- Pomegranate Gallery.

[edit] Inscriptions

Many of Idit’s works include inscriptions which add to the painting. These inscriptions are sometimes incorporated into the painting and sometimes frame the painting. Idit paints these inscriptions to emphasize the meanings of the paintings and their significance to Israel and the Jewish religion.

[edit] Meanings

Each detail in Idit's paintings is heavy with meaning. She provides explanations that describe the significance of these details such as her painting’s circles which connote the Circle of Life, the connection between the roots of a tree and the first Psalm's mention of a tree's roots and the positioning of the branches of a tree as an indication of man's ability to reach beyond his comfort zone.


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