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Anat Edry Gallery
Abuhav Synagogue
ענת אדרי
A-na’at E-drei
Other Names:
Studio Anat Edry
Artist with a gallery in Old City Safed.

Anat Edry’s paintings reflect her deep connection to Tzfat and to the Land of Israel.


[edit] Background

Anat Edry was born and raised in Tzfat. At a young age she was noticed by the well-known painter Rolly Sheffer who became her mentor. Anat Edry left Tzfat to study and live in various artists’ communities but her heart remained in Tzfat and she returned to open a gallery on the Yosef Caro Street in the Old City. Anat’s paintings reflect her attachment to her native city with its hilly landscapes, stone alleyways and intriguing figures. Her paintings contrast lights and shade and she employs many different colors and hues in her works.

[edit] Inspiration

Anat Edry is intrigued by the religious figures that populate the Old Jewish Quarter. She paints them as wise and knowing figures as they go about their daily chores in harmony. Anat Edry fuses these people’s spiritual and physical sides in her depictions of their characters and lives. with their wrinkled faces and the all telling look, and to still life. She creates a picture of endless harmony, and reveals the magic and spiritual side together with the realistic and physical side of the subject.

[edit] Subjects

Anat Edry concentrates on several categories of subjects in her paintings. Her still lifes include inanimate objects, often centered on a table, including types of food and fruit. Her portraits cover many different kinds of people such as religious men, mothers and children, elderly people, religious individuals, babies and period photos including Biblical characters. Many of Anat’s paintings center around the landscape of Tzfat including the Old Jewish Quarter itself. Her colors in these paintings are muted, expressing the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the area.

[edit] Gallery

Anat Edry’s gallery is on Yosef Caro Street near the stairs that descend to the Abuhav Synagogue.


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