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Keren SouzaKohn
Keren SouzaKohn
קרן סוזה-כהן
Su'ze'eh Ko-hen
Other Names
Expressionist Artist of Tzfat, Keren Souza Kohen
Multi-media Tzfat artist who paints in the style of Figurative Expressionism.

Keren SouzaKohn lives and exhibits in Tzfat. Her works depict the human condition along with stories and emotions that transcend life throughout the world. Keren SouzaKohn brings a unique blend of Jewish tradition and expressionist art together in her Tzfat studio.


[edit] Background

Keren SouzaKohn is the oldest daughter of F.N. Souza, the founder of Modern Indian Art, who is called the Indian Picasso. Her beginnings in art began in early childhood and were formed by her father's work, travels, circle of friends and the "art culture" of the 60s - 70s to which he belonged. She studied at Art School in London where her friends were all artists.

[edit] Jewish Journey

Keren's Jewish journey began when her son Shlomo "Sunny" was born. After his birth she experienced a vision of the past that depicted an endless chain of rabbis. She decided to stop focusing only on her future and start to look into her past. She was guided in this journey by the Chabad Hassidic movement which brought her towards a life of Torah, "mitzvoth" -- commandments -- and dedication to the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

[edit] Medium

Keren creates prints and drawings using watercolours and oils. Her works can be termed "abstract" though she refers to her paintings as "figurative expressionism."

[edit] Inspiration

Keren SouzaKohn is influenced by a wide variety of artists including the works of El Greco, Titian, Rembrandt, Goya, Matisse, Hilton, Eva Hesse, Sandra Blow and Philip Guston. She often aims to create abstracted figuration depicting the co-existence of divinity within the physical planet earth. She feels inspired by living in Tzfat.

[edit] Subject Matter

Keren's subject matter ranges from "a moment caught, a person in certain position." She can be motivated to create a specific piece by the medium itself. Specific colors, such as orange or olive green, can arouse her creativity. Keren's love of color is evident and she expresses herself in hot, spicy or cool colors. A juxtaposition of the unexpected produces dramatic composition with a strong narrative, sometimes subliminal, sometimes overt and obvious. Keren's works depict dreams and journeys, moments seen and caught, sometimes struggling to emerge. She often revisits themes through further drawings and paintings.

[edit] Exhibition

Keren's works were exhibited in collections throughout the world. Her paintings are on display at her personal gallery on Bar Yochai Street in Tzfat. She can be contacted through her agent Daniel Rosenthal.

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