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Canaan Gallery
Canaan Gallery
גלריה כנען
Ca-n-aan Gallery
Other Names:
Tzfat Weaving Workshop, Orna Mor Gallery, Mor Gallery
Tzfat Gallery which exhibits fine Judaica, jewelry and ceramics as well as the owner’s hand-woven art.

Safed visitors can view the process of weaving Judaica textiles at the Canaan Gallery where the weaving work of Orna Mor as well as other artwork is displayed.


[edit] Background

Orna and Yair Mor opened the Canaan Gallery in 1992 on the edge of Tzfat’s Artist Quarter. The Mors envisioned the Canaan Gallery, named for Mt. Canaan -- the mountain that towers over the Old City as an opportunity for Orna to showcase her weaving designs and work. Orna studied jewelry-making in Jerusalem and artistic weaving in Tel Aviv before she and Yair moved to Rosh Pinna, a small town just outside of Tzfat.

[edit] Technique

Orna’s handweaving is done from locally-grown cottons which are taken from the mills during the early stages of processing. Using such cottons produces exceptionally fine and soft fibers which, in turn produce unique silky fabrics. Weaving with these threads creates textiles that can be used for Jewish ritual purposes or decor and offer the user a sensual touch that enhances the experience.

[edit] Hand-Woven Items

Orna’s weaving workshop features tapestries and wall hangings with Jewish, Biblical and Land-of-Israel themes. In addition, she creates “chuppot” -- wedding canopies, “talits” -- prayer shawls, bags for talits, “kippot” -- head-coverings, “parochets” -- curtains for the synagogue Torah Ark and coverings which traditionally conceal the Sabbath challah and Passover matza before the blessings are recited over them. She also makes clothing items such as scarves and shawls.

[edit] Viewing

Visitors to the Canaan gallery are invited to watch the weaving process which takes place in a special weaving room. There are five looms in the room and Canaan Gallery staff will demonstrate the process and provide a demonstration to visitors who are interested in seeing how fabrics are woven by hand.

[edit] Gallery

The Canaan Gallery is located on Yosef Caro Street near the Caro Synagogue. The gallery also exhibits works of other artists including Judaica, ritual objects and jewelry. The gallery has an ATM machine which customers and other visitors may use freely. This ATM accepts foreign credit and debit cards to withdraw cash.

[edit] Cafe

The Canaan Gallery cafe is open during the spring, summer and fall and serves a variety of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and other dairy food. Cafe patrons may sit in the cafe which overlooks the city and valley below and the Meron mountain range to the west.


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