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Raphael Abecassis Gallery
Raphael Abecassis Gallery
גלריה רפאל אבקסיס
Raf-fa-el Ab’ka-ss-is
Other Names:
Tzfat Sephardic Art
Tzfat gallery with Jewish and Sephardic motifs.

One of Tzfat’s artists, Raphael Abecassis, incorporates his Sepharadi heritage with a celebration of bold colors and hues to create vibrant Jewish-themed paintings and other Judaica art.


[edit] Background

Raphael Abecassis was born in Morocco and immigrated to Israel with his family as a child. He studied art in Beersheba at the College of Education and has been painting and exhibiting in Israel and throughout the world ever since. Abecassis incorporates his religious background and beliefs in his Jewish-themed art. Abecassis maintains a vacation home in the Artists Quarter of Tzfat and exhibits in the Old Jewish Quarter.

[edit] New Generation

Abecassis is viewed as a leader of Israel’s new generation of artists. His unique style combines Sephardic motifs, Jewish symbols and modern compositions into a harmonized bold spectacle of colors, shapes, forms and lines.

[edit] Themes

Abecassis creates abstract paintings that are centered on Jewish themes. Many of his works are painted as part of a series which are dedicated to a central subject. One of his largest exhibits was his 1992 “Odyssey of Spanish Jews” exhibit which he created to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Jews’ expulsion from Spain. Another collection, “Jerusalem 3000” contains 25 paintings which Abecassis painted to celebrate Jerusalem’s 3000th anniversary in 1996. His 1999 exhibit, “Place and Time” brings together a group of paintings which were inspired by characters in the Bible and the Biblical narratives in which they feature.

Other Jewish-themed paintings include “Woman of Valor,” “Pursuit of Justice,” “Menorah,” “Jewish Blessing of the House,” and “Challah Bread Cover.”

[edit] Style

Abecassis’s paintings combine colors and forms with symbols of Jewish traditions. He synthesizes the natural with the supernatural, the modern with the traditional and the mystical with the decorative. He varies his compositions and integrates calligraphies to harmonize the settings.

[edit] Medium

Abecassis works with a variety of media including oil paintings, ceramics, embroidery, silver, stained glass windows and serigraphs.

[edit] Exhibitions

Abecassis exhibits his printings throughout the world. His works are displayed in private galleries in Israel, America, Canada and Europe. He maintains a permanent exhibition in the Fig Tree - Sarah’s Tent Gallery on Alkabetz Street in Tzfat.


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