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Eliyahu Ben Zev Gallery
Eliyahu Ben Zev Gallery
גלריה אליהו בן-זאב
Eli-ya-hu Ben Zev
Other Names:
Eliyahu Alpern, Eliyahu Ben Zev
Tzfat photographer who works and exhibits in Tzfat

Eliyahu Ben Zev/Andy Alpern first came to Tzfat to visit cousins who lived in the city. He was enchanted by the city and, after his own marriage, decided to move to Tzfat continue his passion of photography.


[edit] Background

Andy Alpern moved to Israel from Chicago. He is an early pioneer in the art of panoramic photography in which he creates 360 degree interactive photographs of Israeli sites and Jewish-themed activities. Many of his photographs are included in a project which adds text to still images to provide information about the photo as well as video and audio links, maps and other media. The sites, inside the panos, are connected with hotspots which, in turn, link to other sites geographically. These panoramic photographs as well as the added links and information provide a tool for educating people about Judaism and Israel.

[edit] Education

The Eliyahu Ben Zev photography serves to educate people about Israel as well as to provide a unique view of Israeli scenes. Ben Zev’s panoramic photographs span a wide area, giving the viewer an opportunity to see elements of a scene which are usually outside of a photo’s frame. Eliyahu’s panoramic photographs include a view of the Wailing Wall at sunset with its copper-tinged lighting, the lanes and stalls of the Machene Yehuda outdoor market in Jerusalem, the snow-filled slopes of Mount Hermon, Israel’s northermost mountain and local gravesites, mountains and valleys, desert dunes and historical points of interest. Each photograph centers in on a perspective which is unique to that picture. These photographs don’t always feature people but when they do, the people are incidental to the beauty of the surrounding scene.

[edit] Books

Andy Alpern’s photographs illustrate a series of new children’s books which he creates in conjunction with a local author. The collaboration has produced three books -- “What’s the Buzz?” about honey-making, leading up the Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, “Harvest of Light” about the olive harvest and olive-oil making for Chanukah and “Succot Treasure Hunt” which depicts a hunt for the four species used on the Jewish holiday of Succot. These books can be used by families or schools for pleasure as well as to educate children about the Jewish holidays in a natural, environmental-conscious manner.

[edit] Events Photography

Couples who are looking for an artistic twist to their wedding photographs can ask Andy Alpern to photograph their weddings. Eliyahu’s wedding photographs, as well as his photographs of other life-cycle events provide an added element of elegance and refinement to the photographs.

[edit] Gallery

Eliyahu Alpern sells his works from his home on the Metzuda of Safed or through his website.


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