Asia Katz Gallery Safed

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Asia Katz Gallery
Asia Katz Gallery
גלריה אסיה קץ
A’see-ya Katz
Other Names:
Leon Gallery
Microcalligraphy art gallery in Safed with Biblical and other Jewish motifs.

Asia Katz’s art offers a modernistic flavor to the otherwise traditional Art and Judaica of Tzfat’s Jewish art scene.


[edit] Background

Asia Katz was born in Bulgaria and studied photography in the "Ulius Fuchic" school of photographic arts in Sofia and later in Germany. Asia specialized in color photography. She immigrated to Israel in 1991 and moved directly to Tzfat. Although she previously studied and worked exclusively in photography, once in Israel she began to experiment with different styles of drawing and painting which can be seen today in her gallery.

[edit] Techniques

Asia’s paintings and drawings are created with a mix of different media including water colors, oils, acrylics, ink and pencils. She paints and draws in a way that encourage the viewer to look at a work in different ways so as to see it from a fresh point of view at each viewing. One such multi-media work is "Still Life in Space" which was painted using more than thirty different water colors.

[edit] Style

Asia combines multiple styles to create modernistic, cubist-styles drawings and paintings. She employs various approaches with her works including traditional, modern, folk and contemporary art styles. Asia’s paintings and drawings concentrate on exploring people and objects and their interaction with each other and the world around them. Each picture tells its own tale and some, like “Life Story” are a serigraph progression of scenes that fuse together to relate a progressive story. Many of her works feature women as protagonists, depicting women's interactions with each other and with surrounding characters and objects.

[edit] Works

Asia’s recent works include many mixed-media works such as “Beauty on a Bicycle,” Two Women with Fruits,” Dreaming Girl with Smile” and "3D Projection of Woman."

[edit] Exhibition

Asia maintains a permanent exhibition on Yosef Caro Street in Tzfat’s Old Jewish Quarter. She has exhibited extensively in Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, France, the United States and Argentina and collectors from all over the world have acquired her works.


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