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Doron Cohen Gallery
Abuhav Synagogue
גלריה דורון כהן
Do-ro’on Co-hen
Other Names:
Safed Silversmith
Silversmith who works and exhibits in Tzfat.

Doron Cohen produces a wide variety of hand-crafted silverwork, many of which include Jewish motifs and themes.


[edit] Background

Doron was born into a Yemenite family, a community of silverwork artists and artisans who have been creating intricate silverwork for hundreds of years. Doron Cohen’s father was a expert craftsman who produced unique silverwork in Ramat Gan, outside of Tel Aviv. Doron wasn’t interested in the craft until he had a dream in which he saw himself working with silver. The following morning Doron asked his father to explain the dream and his father told him that the dream indicated that silverwork would be his future. Doron’s father taught him the rudiments of silversmithery and from then on Doron began to work on his own.

[edit] Tzfat

Doron lived in Jerusalem for many years and moved to Safed in the early years of the 21st century. He began to market his work in Tzfat,, first on a small scale and later in his studio/gallery along Tzfat’s Yosef Caro Street in the Old Jewish Quarter.

[edit] Inspiration

Doron finds his inspiration for his silverwork in the designs that he sees in his imagination. He finds that Tzfat affects his work, offering a spiritual dimension to the day-to-day labors. He creates copies of popular designs but also creates one-of-a-kind designs as well as commissioned works.

[edit] Selection

Most of Doron’s silverwork involves jewelry and, he notes, rings are the most popular item that he sells. He works with both gold and silver but creates most of his pieces from silver because of the high price of gold. Many of his pieces of jewelry have inscriptions from Jewish prayers or Biblical verses while others include semi-precious stones such as topaz, garnet and amethyst. In addition, he weaves Hebrew letters together to create unique designs which then become part of the piece of jewelry. Doron also creates sets of jewelry which include earrings, pendants and bracelets. These sets are made according to themes such as love, friendship and the Magan Avraham -- Seal of Abraham.

[edit] Judaica

In addition to his jewelry Doron creates a wide variety of Judaica including mezuzza covers, candlesticks and kiddush cups. He also makes pieces for private collectors in which he creates a scene which is displayed in a piece of Judaica.

[edit] Gallery

Doron’s gallery is located on Yosef Caro Street near the Joseph Caro Synagogue. Visitors can watch him work as they view the pieces on display. Doron works in his shop daily and exhibits only his own silverwork, though he also exhibits the paintings of artist Binny Shalev. Doron works alone in his gallery, though at times his wife, Hadas, comes in to help speak to the customers and assist them in their selections.


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