Camus Art and Soul Gallery Safed

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Camus Gallery
Camus Art and Soul Gallery Safed
גלריה כמוס
Other Names:
Camus Gallery, Art and Soul Gallery
One of Tzfat’s largest galleries which exhibits the works of many local and other Israeli artists.

The Camus Gallery on Yosef Caro Street in Tzfat’s Old City draws visitors from throughout the world who come to view and purchase the various types of artwork exhibited in the gallery.


[edit] Background

Tomer Camus is descended from one of Tzfat’s oldest families. His lineage in the city can be traced back 18 generations to the Jews who fled Spain to make their home in Safed. He studied photography during his high school years and began to explore the Old City of Tzfat with his camera while still a student. In 1995 he decided to combine his love of art and his interest in representing Israeli artists by opening the Camus gallery in the Old Jewish Quarter.

[edit] Represented Artists

The Camus Gallery displays a wide variety of art styles and mediums including jewelry, paintings, photography, Judaica, sculptures and “talitot” -- prayer shawls. The Camus gallery specializes in works of bright, vibrant colors and vivid imagery. Tomer and his wife Ketti operate the Camus gallery which has several sections. Each section exhibits the work of several artists including:

[edit] Lirone Photography

Lirone is an Israel photographer who has an extensive background working with portraits, industrial photography and interactive photography. He currently creates works that combine an original photograph with the aesthetics of painting and sculpture. This is an innovative technique which has been patented. The concept allows for the visualization of an image as a three dimensional vision.

[edit] Gerstein Objects

David Gerstein whimsical objects are popular as colorful additions to bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. He creates bright intricate serigraphs on steel and screen prints on metal in shapes such as butterflies, bicycle and motorcycle riders, dancers and animals.

[edit] Ayala Bar Jewelry

Ayala Bar is a well-known Israeli jewelry designer and the Camus gallery exhibits her art exclusively in Tzfat. Bar’s jewelry is created from bright, colorful beads and stones which are inlaid in precious metals or laid out on leather or cloth. Bar’s jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

[edit] Gabrieli Talitot

Hand-woven items by Gabrieli include a wide range of items that the Camus Gallery exhibits. These include both silk and wool “talitot” -- prayer shawls -- and the special bags in which these talitot are traditionally carried.

[edit] CJ Art Judaica

Camus is the Tzfat representative of CJ Art, a distributor of Judaica. These items, including Seder plates, menorahs, candlesticks, mezuzza covers, havdallah sets and kippas, are produced by Israeli artists and are part of Judaica collections throughout the world. They are created from metals, colored glass, wood and ceramics and feature modernistic designs.


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