Moreen Greenberg

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Moreen Greenberg
Moreen Greenberg Tzfat Artist
מורין גרינברג אומן
Other Names:
Tzfat Painter, Moreen Greenberg Safed Artist
Tzfat artist who painted many murals in the city.

Moreen Greenberg’s paintings and murals are familiar landmarks throughout Tzfat.


[edit] Background

Moreen Greenberg was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. She studied psychology at the University of Michigan but switched her studies to art and subsequently studied painting at the Boston Museum School and lithography at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Moreen spent time in Hawaii and in San Diego before moving to Israel in 1978. Upon her arrival she worked and studied in Jerusalem and then at the Ein Hod artists village before settling permanently in Tzfat.

[edit] Inspiration

Moreen’s art is inspired by Jewish stories and legends. She incorporates many of these traditional tales -- especially Hassidic stories -- into her art. Some of her best known paintings include the Breslov Hassidic tale of the Seven Beggers and Rabbi Nachman of Breslev’s story of The Master of Prayer. In addition, her work includes Biblical themes such as the Tree of Life, Deeds of Kindness, the Right Hand of Justice and the Left Hand of Justice. She also paints mystical themes including Breaking the Vessels, the Heart of Spring and a detailed painting of a child in utero called “The Gardener.”

[edit] Style

Moreen paints with flowing strokes and blended colors, Many of her paintings seem blurred but the images stand out clearly and distinctly amongst the background hues and shades. Each painting tells an entire story and provides the viewer with enough information to understand the artist’s thoughts while leaving many details open-ended to allow the viewer to use his own imagination and fill in the void.

[edit] Murals

Moreen became involved with creating Tzfat murals in the ‘80s when she was commissioned to paint a mural at the Ethiopian Absorption Center in Tzfat. The Ethiopian immigrants who arrived in Israel in 1985 had walked for hundreds of miles to Sudan in order to be taken to Israel. The trek was an exhausting one and many of the Ethiopian Jews died along the way. Moreen’s mural depicted this superhuman effort on the part of Ethiopian Jews to immigrate and her work was praised by art critics as well as by the municipality of Tzfat and the Ethiopian community. She subsequently painted her Seven Beggers painting as a wall mural at the Ziv Hospital in Tzfat and has painted other murals throughout the city.

[edit] Exhibit

Moreen’s works are available through the artist. She is an active member of the Tzfat artist community and teaches art to children and adults, both professionally and, often, as a volunteer.


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