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Masha Orlovitch Gallery
Masha Orlovitch Gallery
גלריה משה אורלהוויץ
Ma-sha Or-lah-vitch
Classical artist in Tzfat’s Artist Quarter.

Masha Orlovitch is a recognized artist in Tzfat whose landscapes and still life paintings generate interest from the Israeli artist community and visitors. She was trained in the classical tradition and studied at some of Russia’s most well-known art schools and colleges. She exhibits at her gallery in Tzfat.


[edit] Background

Masha Orlovich was born in Leningrad (today “St. Petersburg) in 1960. From early childhood her talents were recognized and she began to study under professional instructors, first at the prestigious Children’s Academy of the Hermitage State Museum and then at the Leningrad City Art School and the Serov College of Fine Art. She immigrated to Israel in 1990 and has lived and worked as an artist in Tzfat’s Artist Quarter since that time. She was accepted as a member of the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association in 2000.

[edit] Mediums and Inspirations

Masha works with a variety of mediums including watercolors, oils, pencils and encaustics (hot wax paints). She paints and sketches still lifes and portraits. Some of her best-known works include her urban landscapes which depict the synagogues, houses, windows, doors, lanes and winding alleys of Tzfat and express the mystical beauty of the scenes. Many of her paintings feature musicians as they play the piano, violin, drums and other instruments. Her subjects include both men and women, secular and religious, young and old. She also has embarked on an extensive sketching series of dogs and cats whom she depicts in relaxed, restful poses.

[edit] Style

Masha uses a bare minimum of drawing strokes in her paintings, relying on her palate of colors to fill out each work. Many of her works are created by an embossing technique in which images are embossed into the canvas and then partially painted.

[edit] Exhibitions

Masha has participated in many exhibitions, both in Israel and abroad. Her works have been exhibited in the Print Art Exhibition of Israeli Artists in Munich, the Museum of Sculpture of Saint Petersburg, the Zetlin Museum of Russian Art in Ramat-Gan, the 3rd International Festival of Graphic Arts in Jerusalem and the Novosibirsk Graphic Art Biennal in St. Petersburg. She maintains a permanent exhibit which is located next to the entrance of the General Exhibition of the Safed Artist Quarter. Collectors in Europe, America, Israel and Canada have acquired her works which hang in their own private collections.


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