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Reli Wasser Gallery
Reli Wasser Gallery
גלריה רלי ווסר
Re’el-y Vas-ser
Other Names:
Young artist whose experiments and unconventional art is bringing a new look to the Tzfat art scene.

One of Tzfat’s most dynamic and innovative young artists, Reli Wasser, continues to develop a name for herself with her unique paintings and mixed-media crafts. She is also very active on behalf of the Tzfat Artists Association as well as a wide variety of social and environmental projects.


[edit] Background

Reli grew up in Israel and moved to Tzfat over 20 years ago. Changes in her personal life encouraged her to pursue her dream to create art which she has been doing for many years.

[edit] Art

Reli divides her work into three distinct categories. The first involves creating fine art where “the idea itself is the major guide for the creation.” The second category centers around creating crafts from mosaic mixed media. The third category relates to her work in curating exhibitions as part of her mission to revive Tzfat’s Artist Quarter and draw new young artists to the area.

[edit] Fine Art

Reli expresses her idea that “Idea” is the main cause for Creation” in her paintings and mosaics. She employs different techniques in these works including applique and mosaics. Subject matter includes Stars of David, nature, life-cycle events and Jewish-themed and Israel scenes.

[edit] Crafts

Much of Reli’s work centers around the crafts that she makes using her mixed-media techniques. She produces Judaica, Kabbalah jewelry, unique housewares, frames for pictures and mirrors and decorated furniture using materials such as different types of stones, glass, wood, metal and other substances.

[edit] Curator

Reli has become a sought-after curator for many different types of art exhibits. Some of these exhibits center around a theme or event such as her exhibitions for the Seven Species Project, the Sun Blessing Festival, and the Pri HaGalil Project. Others center around a specific issue -- The Yellow Star, Jerusalem and Romance. There are also exhibitions that highlight a particular type of art -- Color Exhibition and Sounds of Matter. Each exhibition is designed to give recognition to many different types of artists and craftspeople, oftentimes those who otherwise do not receive recognition.

[edit] Social Activism

Much of Reli’s work and activities center on showcasing social justice. She is passionately involved in animal welfare as well as women’s rights and social justice. One of Reli’s well-publicized “exhibitions” involved activating a community whose central factory was in danger of closing. Reli coordinated local residents who, together with their children and local artists, created a giant “sculpture” of the factory’s cans. The factory remained open.

Reli makes every effort to use recycled materials for her artwork whenever possible.

[edit] Gallery

The Reli Wasser Gallery is located in the General Exhibition courtyard of the Artists Quarter on Alorsoroff Street. Reli is available to answer questions and explain her work at the gallery.


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