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10 Sons of Rav Papa
10 Sons of Rav Papa
עשרת בני רב פפא
Ten sons of the Amora Rav Papa.

The Ten Sons of Rav Papa are Chanina, Rami, Nachman, Achai, Abba Mari, Rafram, Rachish, Surchav, Ada and Duro. Their names are mentioned as part of the Siyum ceremony upon the completion of a Massechta as a Segula for remembering it. According to at least one tradition they died martyrs deaths 'Al Kidush Hashem' during religious persecutions.


[edit] Birth

Rav Papa brought peace to 10 different controversies throughout the Talmud by combining all opinions. He therefore merited to have ten sons who were all Torah scholars. He chose names for his sons, each one symbolizing one of the '10 Commandments' and one of the '10 Utterances' with which the world was created.

[edit] Hadran

Rav Papa was very wealthy and each time he finished a Mesechta he would make a large siyum, attended by his ten sons and many others. Since during his life he raised the glory of Torah and this was reflected in the Torah attainments of his sons, his family is mentioned as part of the Hadran for the completion of each tract of Shas.

Additionally the name Papa is an illusion to Moshe who spoke to Hashem 'mouth to mouth' or 'פה אל פה', for which 'פפא' is an acronym and the name of his ten sons each symbolizes one of the ten commandments. This reflects the overall completion of the Torah and is therefore mentioned as part of a Siyum.

[edit] Kever Beni Rav Papa

Part of the sons of Rav Papa are buried in Ovnit and part are buried in Banias.

[edit] Ovnit

Kever Beni Rav Papa is located in a cave on Mount Yavnit right after the traditional Kever of Abaye and Rava and kever Rabbi Yehuda Nesiah, bellow the army base. Ninety percent of the cave's entrance is sealed.

Behind this cave there are three other burial caves, at least two of which were completely destroyed by the government when they built the army camp. As can be clearly seen from the fence, the following cave has been totally razed. When the army did this, soldiers from the base started dying mysterious unnatural deaths one after the other. They got scared and halted their construction in the area, as can be seen with the road below that abruptly ends.

[edit] Banias

[edit] More Photos

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