Rav Yeva Saba the Amora

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Rav Yeva Saba
Rav Yeva Saba the Amora
רב ייבא סבא
Other Names:
Rav Yeva the Elder
Yava, Sava, Saba, Sabba
A 3rd and 4th generation Amora buried outside the Tomb of the Rashbi in Meron.

Rav Yeva Saba was a Babylonian Sage who was active during the third and fourth generations of the Amoraim. It is likely that he was named after the Tana Rav Yeva Sabba from the Zohar. Rav Yeva Saba was a student of Rav Chisda and Rav Nachman.

[edit] Shamesh

Rav Yeva Saba served as a helping assistant for Rav. Later he also served as a Shamesh to Rav's leading students Rav Brona and Rav Chananel serving them during their meal where he reminded them of a Halacha regarding the final blessing.

[edit] Kever Rav Yeva Saba the Amora

Rav Yeva Saba the Amora is buried according to some sources right outside the entrance to the Tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in Meron. Other sources attribute this kever to Rav Ada Sabba and the location of Rav Yeva Saba the Amora is unknown.

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