Rabbi Yaakov of Kefar Nevoraia

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Rabbi Yaakov Ish Nevoraia
Rabbi Yaakov Ish Nevoraia
רבי יעקב איש נבוריא
Rebbe Yaakov Ish Nevoraia, Jacob of Kefar Nevoraia, Rabbi Yaakov of Nabratein, Nevoraya
An Amora.

Rabbi Yaakov of Kefar Nevoraia lived during the 3rd or 4th generations of Amoraim. Twice he issued improper Halachic rulings based on his own interpretation of the verses. Once permitting the son of a non Jewish woman to be circumcised on Shabbos and a different time requiring fish to undergo the Shichita slaughtering process. Both times he was given Malkos by Rabbi Chagy. He accepted his punishments graciously each time declaring as he was being lased "Whip me with your lashes since I have a to learn from them for the future". Rabbi Yaakov of Kefar Nevoraia is buried in Nabratein, in the same cave as Rabbi Elazar HaModai.


[edit] Teachings

When Rabbi Yaakov of Kefar Nevoraia was in Tzur he taught that silence is the best praise for Hashem. Just like a perfect diamond, the more it is praised the more it subtracts from its true value, so too any praise of Hashem limits His true perfection.

Rebbe Yaakov Ish Nevoraia also spoke out against the appointment of elders for the money they had given to buy the positions.

[edit] Mistake About Early Christians Affiliation

Some sources mistakenly list Rabbi Yaakov of Kefar Nevoraia as being affiliated with early Christians. The origin of this serious mistake is a transcription error in Koheles Rabba at the end of Chapter 7, Segment 47, where Rabbi Essey of Caesarea says 'Good' is Rabbi Elazar and 'Sinner' is Yaakov Ish Kfar Nabartin. That section lists pairs of individuals aligning one with good and one with evil. All pairs align at the same time historically and their detailed stories are mentioned in the Chapter 1 of Koheles Rabba in Segments 24 and 25. Over there it relates the full story of Rabbi Eliezer against Yaakov Ish Kfar Sichnia, a well known early Christian. All other pairs from Chapter 1 are listed identically in Chapter 7, it is therefore obvious that in Chapter 7 there is a transcription error where it mistakenly lists Yaakov Ish Kfar Nabartin instead of Yaakov Ish Kfar Sichnia. Additionally Yaakov Ish Kfar Nabartin did not even live at the same time as Rabbi Elazar since he lived during the time of Ziera, a completely different generation.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Yaakov of Kefar Nevoraia

Rabbi Yaakov of Kefar Nevoraia is buried in Nabratein, in the same cave as Rabbi Elazar HaModai, a little past the ruins of the ancient local synagogue. Although he passed away hundreds of years after Rabbi Elazar Hamodai he was given this resting place due to his prestige in the Nabratein community. Most people assume that Rebbe Elazar is buried in the right side in the inner room, while Rebbe Yaakov is buried on the left side in the tunnel.

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