Rabbi Pinchas of Kfar Baram

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Rabbi Pinchas of Kfar Baram was a holy kabbalist that lived in the village of Bar'am and the father of the child prophet Nachman Chatufa.

Kever Rabbi Pinchas of Kfar Baram

Rabbi Pinchas of Kfar Baram is buried in the North Israel village of Bar'am along with his son Nachman Chatufa who passed away at the age of 12. There is a disagreement between Yisroel Meir Gabbai - Ohalei Tzadikim and Kadmonanue regarding the exact location of kever Rabbi Pinchas of Kfar Baram. Gabbai places the Kivarim a few meters away from his version of Esther HaMalka and Mar Zutra in a double stone coffin that lays sunk in the ground. Kadmonanue place the kever near their version of Mar Zutra, further up the road.

Some early diaries of pilgrims to the shrine mistakenly list Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair in place of confuse Rabbi Pinchas of Kfar Baram. This however is a mistake caused by the similar name since the Arizal stated that Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair is buried at the foot of the ancient cemetery in the city of Tzfas.

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