Rabbi Cruspidi the Tana

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Rebbe Kruspidi the Tana
Rebbe Kruspidi the  Tana
התנא רבי כרוספדאי חמיד ליבא
Other Names:
Rabbi Cruspidi Chamid Leba, Rabbi Cruspidi from the Zohar
Kruspidi, Kurspedi, Kruspidy, Curspedi, Cruspidy
Ein Zetim
A Tana mentioned in the Zohar.

Rabbi Cruspidi was a third and fourth generation Tana mentioned a number of times in the Zohar, where he is called Rabbi Cruspidi Chamid Leba. He authored a mytical Kabalistic book that was studied by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and the Chavarim. At one point Rebbe Cruspidi had a 'near death experience' but was spared since he had been forgiving his entire life. In the 'other world' he witnessed the supernal courts in action and was shown the chamber of Moshiach.


[edit] Near Death Experience

[edit] Illness and Assumed Death

Rabbi Cruspidi became ill and was visited on Shabbos day by Rabbi Yossi ben Kisma and the Sages. They witnessed him cry and laugh and then lose consciousness. Thinking he had passed away, the Sages decided to leave him until after the Shabbos, as no further action could be taken at the moment.

Rabbi Yochanan got up and began to eulogize, comparing their situation to Nomi who first lost her husband and then her two sons, making it a tragedy upon a tragedy. "Here too when we lost Rebbe Eliezer we comforted ourselves with Rabbi Yochanan ben Nuri and his companions. When they passed away we comforted ourselves with Rebbe Cruspidi. Now that our friend Rebbe Cruspidi passed away it is a tragedy upon a tragedy."

[edit] Back to Life

As they were sitting, Rabbi Chilkia noticed tears in the eyes of Rabbi Cruspidi and saw him laugh again. Proclaiming that he was still alive, they did not let anyone come near until the evening when Rabbi Cruspidi opened his eyes and requested a drink of water. He then told everyone to come back tomorrow and he will reveal to them what he had seen in a different world, warning them to keep everyone away from his bed for the remainder of the night. Everyone departed aside from Rabbi Yochanan who also remained distant.

[edit] His Experience

In the morning Rabbi Cruspidi called over Rabbi Yochanan and explained; they saw him crying when the Angel of Death came to take his soul and laughing when the Shichina had come to protect him. He was then taken to the supernal court where he saw many camps of angels occupied in judging the world. Presiding over them was the archangel San--- minister of the face, he was covered with a veil and Rabbi Cruspidi was not given permission to approach and look at him.

Rabbi Cruspidi was brought in front of the judges. There were defenders and prosecutors, many of his deceased friends were present at the trial. The Angel of Death complained how they were not allowing him to kill Rabbi Cruspidi and he was therefore bringing him to trial. Three witnesses stood up saying that Rabbi Cruspidi had been forgiving his entire life and should therefore be pardoned. His entire life was then reviewed. This took place as he lay unconscious for a day. They concluded that since Rabbi Cruspidi had been forgiving his entire life they could not issue a ruling and his case was transferred to an unknown higher court. From there they issue a verdict that he should be left alone and be allowed to complete his Torah study. When the Angel of Death refused to give in, he was given Rabbi Cruspidi Saba HaKadmon in his place.

During his journey, Rabbi Cruspidi saw the chamber of the Moshiach and how it is proclaimed there "Fortunate are those who study Torah or support those that study, as well as those that are always forgiving".

[edit] Book of Rabbi Cruspidi

One Shevous night Rebbe Shimon and the Chevra were hosted by the mother of Rabbi Cruspidi. She brought out a seven branched menora and the Book of Rabbi Cruspidi. As they read, hosts of angels descended and surrounded them. Hashem and all his camps came down to hear the words of this book and He was happy as the day they were given over on Mount Sinai.

[edit] His Passing

[edit] Kever Rabbi Cruspidi the Tana

Kever Rabbi Cruspidi the Tana is located in Ein Zetim in a cave on the side of a mountain right across from kever Rabbi Yosi Saragosi and a little past kever Rabbi Yehuda bar Ilai. To reach the tomb one must scale the steep mountain, climbing up a series of half buried rusty barrels that server as a staircase. It is not to be confused with the Kever of Rabbi Cruspidi the Amora that is located in nearby Kadita. Yisroel Meir Gabbai and Agudas Ohalei Tzadikim strongly debate this location saying according to their research, the description provided by Rabbi Chaim Vital more accurately points to Mt. Canaan.

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