Rabbi Azariah

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Rebbe Azariah
Rabbi Eleazar ben Azariah
רבי עזריה
Azarya, Azaryah
Alma, Israel
Wealthy father of the Tana Rabbi Elazar ben Azariah and brother of the Tana Shimon Achi Azariah.

Rabbi Azariah was a wealthy and respected Kohen living towards the end of the Second Temple. He was a direct 9th generation descendent from Ezra Hasofer. During the Great Revolt and the subsequent destruction of the Temple, Rabbi Azaria moved his family away from Central Israel up to the Galilee. His son Rabbi Elazar later became Nasi when Rabbi Gamliel was temporarily removed from his position. Rabbi Azariah had a brother Shimon whom he supported, enabling him to devote all his time to Torah study. In recognition of this arrangement, this Tana referred to in the Mishna as Rabbi Shimon brother of Azarya. Very knowledgeable in Torah, Rabbi Azarya was called a 'friend' by Rabbi Dosa ben Hurkenes, one of the generation's elders.

Kever Rabbi Azariah

Rabbi Azariah is buried in Alma right near the kever of his son, Rebbe Elazar. Although the location of his Kever was described in the diaries of early pilgrims to Kivrei Tzadikim as being in the close proximity of his son's, in recent times it remained unmarked. Yisroel Meir Gabbi and his organization Ohali Tzadikim in their effort to remark all the 'lost' kevarim, went ahead and created a mound of blue painted stones, marking that as the Tzion. This move caused Kadmonanu to build a Tzion a few meters away, in 2012. The person who built the Tzion claimed that to have uncovered some sort of tomb in the location, as he was creating the foundation.


Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 33.054966
  • Longitude: 35.490043

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