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Ovadia HaNavi was one of the main 48 prophets of Israel. He was a Edomite convert who rose to the rank of King Achov's personal estate manager. Ovadia was very G-D fearing and when Ezevel massacred all the true prophets, he hid 100 of them in a double cave. Ovadia was a student of Achia Hasheloni and was considered to be a part of Eliyahu Hanavi's beit din. His prophecy predicting the doom of Edom is contained in the forth book of the Tray Asar, consisting of only one chapter.


Ovadia who remained righteous while living between two wicked people; Achov and Ezevel was given the ability to prophesize against Esav who remained wicked while residing between two righteous people; Yitzchok and Rivka.

Kever Ovadia HaNavi

Ovadia HaNavi is buried in Baram although there is a disagreement between Kadmonenue and Gabbai - Ohalei Tzadikim as to its exact location.

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